Amazon Affiliated Products

The Basics:

In order to help our website visitors more easily find their dream furniture, My Furniture Place has joined the Amazon affiliation program in order to show some of the Amazon products on our website that are available for purchase through them. Please note that "as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases".

View on Amazon:

The Amazon affiliated items we display will be marked with a button that says "View on Amazon". This button link will take you directly to the product's description page on Amazon where you can view the item's information as well as complete your purchase with Amazon.

Amazon Affiliated Shipping:

Amazon affiliated products are fulfilled through Amazon or a third party delivery service. The shipping information for Amazon affiliated products is easily found on the upper right hand corner of the product's Amazon description page. My Furniture Place does not fulfill the delivery nor do we assemble any of the products sold therein. If you require assembly for an item you wish to purchase through the Amazon affiliation portal, please contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote for this service.

Amazon Affiliated Warranty:

The warranty for Amazon affiliated products is entirely through Amazon or the third party seller shown on the product's description page. My Furniture Place does not warranty items purchased through the Amazon affiliation program, however, any concerns or questions regarding warranty can be easily be addressed through Amazon customer service just like any other standard order.