White Glove Delivery

"No Headache" White Glove Delivery

Our "No Headache" White glove delivery service is completely all-inclusive. For one price, you get a deluxe white glove in-home delivery with light assembly included! This is by far the easiest way to get your new furniture delivered and set-up inside your home without having to worry about any damage that may occur while shipping. 

A professional home delivery service will pick up your furniture direct from the warehouse, give it a thorough quality inspection for any hidden damage, completely wrap it with furniture pads for a safe journey, deliver everything to your home where they will then carry it inside and place it gently in the room of your choice. Even light assembly is included!

We have been delivering furniture for over 25 years and this is the best way we have found to get your new furniture to your home without damage. 

  • Quality Inspections: Included
  • Appointment Scheduling: Included
  • Light Assembly: Included
  • In-Home Set Up: Included


Free 15 Mile Local Delivery:

15 Mile Free Delivery

A free local delivery is considered anywhere within a 15 mile radius of our showroom in Pilot Mountain, NC. This service includes free inspection, assembly and in-home set up. This free delivery does NOT include any extra services such as removing, hauling away or disposing of any existing furniture. If you need any of these services please contact us beforehand for a quote. 

Non-Local North Carolina Delivery:

Any furniture to be delivered inside North Carolina but outside our 20 mile free delivery zone in Pilot Mountain North Carolina is considered a non-local North Carolina delivery. We have several affordable delivery options available depending upon your specific location so please contact us at 336-444-8088 or simply fill out the contact information below to get a quote! 

Outside North Carolina Deliveries:

Delivery Map

We are pleased to offer some of the most affordable white glove furniture delivery rates found anywhere in the United States! Our hi tech software locates your lowest possible freight rate and pairs it with the most reliable in-home delivery company for your area. White glove delivery companies use standard weights for furniture to determine the delivery quotes. Simply put in the estimated weight and a quote will be given instantly. Please note these quotes may change at any time and this quote may not be your final price. For a more definitive quote please contact us at 336-444-8088 or fill out the contact form below.

Standard Furniture Weights:

Stationary Sofa and Loveseat: 375 lbs.

Reclining Sofa and Loveseat: 500 lbs.

Sectional: 500 lbs.

Recliner: 150 lbs.

Queen Bedroom Sets under $1000: 450 lbs.

Queen Bedroom Sets $1000 -$1999: 650 lbs

Queen Bedroom Sets $2000 and up: 850 lbs.

King Bedroom Sets $1199 - $1699: 550 lbs.

King Bedroom Sets $1700 - $2899: 750 lbs.

King Bedroom Sets $2900 and up: 1000 lbs. 

King Mattress Set 225 lbs.

Queen Mattress Set 200 lbs.

Full Mattress Set 150 lbs.

Twin Mattress Set 125 lbs.

Accent Chest: 150 lbs.

Dining Room Set $199 - $599: 200 lbs.

Dining Room Set $600 - $1299: 300 lbs.

Dining Room Set  $1299 and up: 500 lbs.


How long will it take to get my furniture?

A local North Carolina delivery normally takes 3-7 days on average.

A non-local North Carolina delivery will vary between 1-3 weeks.

Outside of North Carolina deliveries usually take 3-6 weeks on average, however this estimated time frame may vary depending on variables such as location from the manufacturer, holidays, schedules, etc. We will be happy to quote you a real time delivery schedule for your area. Simply let us know in the contact page below.


Will I have a tracking number for my delivery?

Yes! The delivery company that services your area will contact you with a tracking number and information for customer service to answer any questions you may have. 

What do I need to do before my delivery?

  • In preparation for your merchandise delivery, doorways should be measured to ensure clearance and rooms cleared so there is an unobstructed path between the point of entry to your home and the room where your new merchandise will be placed
  • Due to liability issues, we cannot hoist merchandise, set up lamps, hang pictures or mirrors on walls, make electrical connections or move existing furniture, electronics, televisions, etc.

Will my furniture be assembled?

Light assembly up to 30 minutes is included free with your delivery. 

Can I pick the time of my delivery?

The delivery company will contact you and schedule your delivery time frame with you.

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